Bring a little magic and light into your space

100% Natural Soy Candles scented with only essential oils. Our candles have wooden crackling wicks for that extra relaxing effect of nature.

100% Clean and Safe Burning

Have comfort knowing that burning these candles is clean and safe for the people and pets in your home.

Each candle contains a crystal for you. Look up your crystal meaning on our website!


Our Crystal Infused Soy Candles

LilyBeam Candle Co. was created by a mother and daughter team in the autumn of 2022. We noticed how hard it was to find quaility soy candles that didn't have frangrance oils in them.

Our candles are made with only natural soy, essential oils, and topped with flowers and herbs. You can trust our cancles are clean burning for everyone in your home!

Jillian owns Luna Wellness Centre, where the candles can be purchased! Jillian also has her own natural + organic skin careline, has worked in the spa industry for over 20 years and is a Registered Aromatheraphist + Reiki practitioner.

Lily is currently in grade 7 and homeschools along side her brothers. She loves to run free out in nature with her friends, has a passion for dance and has been taking ballet since she was 4.

Lilybeam Candle Co. is inspired by nature around us and the magic life offers if we just take time to stop and see. We hope to bring a little magic, joy and relaxation into your home and spaces.

Sincerly , 

Jillian & Lily